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USA Kayak Saltwater Fishing Team to Represent USA at Pan American Championship

STATE COLLEGE, PA – USAngling Kayak Fishing Saltwater is extremely proud to announce a 12-person team has been selected to fish the very first 2024 Pan American Championships dedicated to saltwater kayak fishing held in Costa Rica June 21-23.  This team includes saltwater athletes that span the entire country including: Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Texas, Florida and New Jersey.  That is six time zones!

The USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater Team selected to represent the United States of America in Costa Rica is as follows:

Adam Fisk - Coach (Florida)
Robert Field - Captain (Texas)
David Elgas (Hawaii)
Allen Sansano (California)
Annie Nagel (California)
Dakota Dunmire (New Jersey)
Corey Apo (Hawaii)
Mark Veary (Oregon)
Chris Mautino (Alaska)
Elsa Flores (California)
Guy Marsh (Texas)
Justin Ritchey (Florida)

Team USA will be led by two majorly accomplished and highly regarded saltwater kayak anglers, Robert Field and Adam Fisk. USAngling’s saltwater kayak fishing team is made up of extremely gifted and talented anglers from across the United States, representing all regions along the coast. Members on the team are well-known and influential in the industry and beyond. Several team members have been featured on TV, published in magazines, hold world records, guide and bring new people into the sport, and have been involved in the evolution of saltwater kayak fishing in one way or another. 

The USAKFS team competing in Costa Rica was selected with the guidance of the coaching staff, along with the support of the executive committee. They selected a diverse group of kayak anglers from across America, male and female, to represent the coastal regions of the United States. 

Further emphasis was placed on those anglers that have experience in the unique fishery of the Pacific side of Central America. “This enabled us to field the strongest team possible, representing the USA at this prestigious international and sanctioned event,” said Team Coach, Adam Fisk. “What an incredible honor it is to represent the USA.”

Team USA will go up against six countries, including teams from Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, and Venezuela. They will all compete head to head for gold, silver, and bronze medals. 

Contestants will fish for a wide variety of exciting pelagic and inshore species. A point system will be used to score individual species with marlin being the highest score and needlefish being the lowest score. 

The top three scoring individual anglers from the event will be awarded individual medals. The top three anglers from each country will combine scores to determine team medals. The tournament will be all catch and release. Video footage will be submitted to verify scoring and to capture all the exciting saltwater fishing action.

The tournament will take place in the beautiful 5-star Barcelo Playa Tambor in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, with all inclusive services and amenities provided to the talented international athletes.

The schedule begins with a dinner and team inauguration at the Barcelo San Jose Palacio hotel where 7 teams will be presented and walk their countries’ flags. Fishing commences on Saturday, June 22nd and continues on Sunday morning, June 23rd. The tournament wraps up with a dinner, award ceremony, and presentation of the flags in Barcelo Playa Tambor.

“This is exciting news for all USA saltwater kayak anglers,” said USAKFS Vice President, David Elgas. “Adding this newly added USA saltwater kayak fishing team to an already well accomplished USAngling roster is truly an honor for all involved.”

To be selected for Team USA under the USAKFS program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as anglers will need to qualify through future regional and national tournaments moving forward. 

A new program is being developed now for 2025 that will build a path forward for American saltwater kayak anglers through regional qualifying tournaments. Anglers who place in regionals will be invited to the national championships. The kayak anglers who place in the USAngling National Championship will earn a position on future national teams to represent the United States at future Pan American Championships and World Championships. 

Join Team USA kayak fishing saltwater on this amazing journey as we take a diverse group of American saltwater kayak anglers to compete in the first ever Pan American Championship in Costa Rica. Follow “USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater” on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for updates and future press releases on our web site at