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USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater  |  Communications Director

Annie Nagel, a multi-species angler out of Northern California, has been fishing the salt from her kayak for 13 years and has caught over 100 species of saltwater and freshwater fish. Some of her favorite catches include mahi, yellowtail, blackfin tuna, snook, white sturgeon, chinook salmon, lingcod, and striper. She loves how kayak fishing makes her feel so present in the moment and connected with nature. She’s participated in about a dozen saltwater kayak fishing tournaments placing first in two events in 2017 and 2019. Annie has hosted her own online tournament encouraging more women to go fishing and founded Scales in my Nails, an initiative to build a women’s fishing community aimed at getting and retaining more women on the water. She hosts fishing trips, writes kayak fishing articles for magazines, and has been featured on Angler West TV in their first kayak fishing based episode featuring two female anglers. Annie is stoked beyond words about the future of saltwater kayak fishing and proud to be a part of the USAngling Kayak Fishing Saltwater program.