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USAngling is experiencing significant growth. We are expanding programs, events, and activities. Our goals include establishing ourselves with consistent and focused messaging, increasing our division of labor and accountability, expanding our board including key volunteer roles, and establishing relationships with funders and donors. 

In order to accomplish these goals, we need key volunteers to serve as organizational Ambassadors. Volunteers are a vital link between USAngling and our community. Your support as an Ambassador helps USAngling maximize our reach and increase awareness. Being an ambassador may open new doors for the organization to attract program participants, raise funds, and recruit volunteers. 

USAngling Ambassadors are an integral part of the USAngling Team. The primary goal of the Ambassador is to attract participants to USAngling, its programs, events, and training. This goal is to be achieved through one-on-one contacts as well as presentations and displays at promotional venues. Ambassadors are typically the experts on the USAngling program and event offerings, providing an invaluable service in promoting those opportunities in their communities. 

Ambassadors are also tasked with encouraging youth and families to attend appropriate training course offerings, thereby assisting youth considering a future with USAngling. For Additional information, please get in touch with our program director at