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Guy cannot remember his first fishing trip; he was too young! Guy grew up tagging along with his pawpaw, dad, friends, uncles and cousins chasing anything that would bite in ponds, creeks and lakes of east Texas. He could not afford a kayak at the time, but he paddled aluminum boats for miles. He purchased a bass boat in 1997 and fished local tournaments and a few big bass tournaments, mainly on lakes in northeast Texas. In 2015, his career took him to Midland, Texas. The distance to most lakes, time demands of a new business and family limited fishing and the boat was replaced with two Jackson paddle kayaks. The kayaks were hauled all over Texas for the next several years. In 2023, Guy moved to Jaco, Costa Rica and he started fishing the Pacific 3-4 days a week. Most of Guy’s catches are donated to Horizon Church in Jaco for their food programs and he keeps enough for him and his wife, Dana. Guy is also an avid hunter and spends most of his spare time outdoors.