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USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater  |  Secretary
Regional Director – West

Allen Sansano currently lives in Northern California and has been fishing from a kayak for over 20 years, and has been fostering kayak fishing communities ever since. Currently he runs and, online kayak fishing communities serving the West Coast. In this capacity, he has hosted several tournaments including pioneering kayak fishing tournaments in Washington and Oregon. In 2007 he led an expedition to Prince Williams Sound in Alaska where 4 team members caught salmon sharks in the 400 pound range, the largest fish caught off kayaks at the time. He’s been regularly leading kayak fishing trips to Alaska ever since. In addition he’s led pioneering kayak fishing trips to Panama and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Allen also led an exploratory kayak fishing trip with Boogie to Christmas Island for Bonefish and Giant Trevally. Being one of the remotest places on earth, this trip put Allen’s logistics skills to the test, skills that will serve him well working with USAngling.