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USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater  |  Vice President
Regional Director – Hawaii  

David Elgas resides in the Aloha state and lives on the North Shore of Oahu. Nicknamed Boogie-D by the sunset beach locals, David started saltwater kayak fishing over 20 years ago targeting mahi, ono, ahi, marlin, rainbow runner, GT, and uku. Boogie fell in love with saltwater kayak fishing and it became his life mission to grow the sport to a recognized professional sport. He did this by teaching people how to kayak fish, entering and winning kayak fishing tournaments, setting a kayak world record for barracuda, building and hosting kayak fishing tournaments, writing magazine articles about kayak fishing, participating in large kayak fishing travel stories, and being an angler on Discovery Channel’s kayak fishing TV show; Pacific Warriors. Boogie has fished in California, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, Hawaii, Mexico, and Kiritimati atoll. Boogies exploits in Kiribati secured him a long term land lease and he is in the process of building a fishing and surfing lodge on Christmas Island. Now the sport of Saltwater Kayak Fishing is exploding around the world and David Elgas is very proud to be working with USAngling to continue the work needed to take the sport to the next level of world competition.