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Waterman, Mariner and Professional Adventure Guide Christopher Mautino has spent most of his life on, in or near the ocean. Chris grew up fishing, surfing and freediving in Southern CA and got his start in the outdoor recreation industry in 1989. Since that time he has traveled the globe and worked as an elite sea kayak guide, ski and snowboard instructor, fishing guide, surf coach, boat captain, product designer and search and rescue team member. Captain Chris is often featured in print and promotional media and he is a brand Ambassador for several equipment manufactures. Exploring Mexico’s magnificent Baja peninsula is one of Chris’ foremost passions. With more than 2000 miles of coastline and dozens of offshore islands, remote Baja lends itself to endless adventures. “It’s my favorite place on the planet.” 

On one trip of note, Captain Chris paddled the length of the Sea of Cortez, a 42 day solo sea-kayak journey. Chris has been involved in the kayak fishing community for over 3 decades as a guide, instructor and competitor. Many of his kayak fishing achievements have been televised on popular shows like The Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel. His largest fish caught from a kayak is a spectacular 400+ lb Salmon Shark.