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USA Ice Fishing Team Competing in Mongolia in 2024

“We Fish for Gold” is a slogan we are proud of as USAngling teams travel all over the world for the coveted “Gold Medal” of fishing. The USA Ice Fishing Team will be travelling to Mongolia for the WIFC (World Ice Fishing Championship) in 2024. Captain Myron Gilbert is no stranger to traveling and competing for the Ice Team.  Myron was a competitor on USA Ice Fishing Team when they won the Gold at the 2010 WIFC.  Myron commented, “We are excited to be travelling to a country outside of Europe as we feel it will be a level playing field and our chances of medals increases.”  Most of the events held in Europe make it easy for the teams to travel and pre-fish the areas for weeks at a time prior to the event.  In this case, Mongolia is way too far for any of the teams to get in any pre-fishing time.

The US team travelling to Mongolia will be competing for the National Championship in Rhinelander 22-24 March 2024 along with other competitors right after returning from Mongolia. The National Championship is an invite of the top 20 anglers from the US after competing in three tournaments this winter.  The events will be held:

The National Championship will be the determining factor for the anglers of the 2025 Team competing in the USA. Ice Team Director Steph Sissell is happy to see the championship come back to the US and states “MI is a great place to hold the 2025 WIFC since MI has some of the best ice fisherman in the country.” We are currently working with the state of MI to ensure we host a first class event for our visiting nations from around the world.”

Mike McNett, Freshwater Fishing Director has been involved with the Ice team since the inception. Mike organized the training sessions over the years and in doing so help develop a system of “No Kill” tournaments that USAngling feels is a conservation minded way to approach fishing tournaments even in the wintertime under frigid temperatures. Tony Forte, President of USAngling; “I’m confident that Fishing will soon become an Olympic sport and the only way to make it happen is to have an event that is environmentally friendly including a no kill fishing event.”

Even though the USA Ice Fishing Team isn’t allowed to use power drills or electronic Fish Finders during the competition they are allowed to use them during training. The Garmin Panoptix Livescope has been an instrumental tool in past competitions and allows them to see the bottom contours, cover, and fish tendencies under the ice.  USAngling has partnered with Dakota Lithium for all the sports teams and will continue the support of the Ice Team powering the fish finders.  One of the original sponsors of the USA Ice Fishing Team Clam Corp will be sponsoring the team in Mongolia with the new Delta suit in all black.  Matt Johnson, Clam Corp Ice Team Manager and Pro Staff Director stated “The Delta suit is part of the Folds of Honor series where a portion of all proceeds go back to our veterans. We are glad to be supporting the USA ice Team again and look forward to being a strong supporter at the 2025 WIFC here in the USA!”