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You will spend at least one hour fishing under our guidance, but using your rigs and gear to catch your chosen target species. You will also spend at least one hour fishing as Half of a Pair, where you & your partner will be presented with one or more Rig, Tactics, & Target Fish challenges. The aim here is to confirm you are comfortable with tactics & rigs generally used for Street Fishing. We may include one of two tweaks & wrinkles that are new to you, that you can adapt to quickly. It won’t be all about who catches the most inches of fish, but who shows the best combination of skills, experience, and adaptability to be successful. 

Teamwork + Shared Experience + Effective Preparation = Success!


1. A fish-friendly net (with 9’ or longer handle, some city streets are high above the waterline!), rubber, knitted knotless soft material is fine, just nothing with those nasty knots that split fins & lift scales.

2. Measuring tape, measure stick, or measure bump board, preferably marked in inches (for USA Street Fishing events) & centimeters (for SFWC Practice & Training Days).

3. A fish-friendly mat, that can be wetted down and is padded to protect your catch while measuring & recording. Those concrete pavements can be unfriendly to us humans when we trip & fall, imagine how nasty they are for fish! No mat, no problem, we will bring some with us (they cost $20 & last forever). Please see (above) pic of net, mat, measure, and our all-important fishy model, safely looked after for a few seconds before he’s released back in the water, using that soft & comfy net.

4. You, your cell phone (for registering fish you catch), your street fishing rods, reels, rucksack or shoulder bag for your artificial baits & lures (nothing live or artificial fly-ish allowed, soft plastics, spoons, and all other artificials are fine). Oh, don’t forget a good pair of shoes, this is a 100% On Foot Event.