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Rules for all USA Street Fishing sanctioned events (Qualifiers, Squad Practices, Tournaments, etc.).

1. No jaw jacking! Ever! Under all and any circumstances!

Penalty = Red Card, instant event dismissal, loss of any fees or dues previously paid, minimum 3-year ban from any Street Fishing events & reported to USAngling for further disciplinary proceedings.
[We have to start enforcing that this stupid practice, that condemns fish to a slow death, has no place in modern angling]

2. All fish must be netted, measured without touching the ground (use of wetted fish safety mat strongly recommended), photographed, and returned to the water with the net.

Penalty = Yellow Card, 1 penalty point added to finishing position after the event.

3. Maximum length of fishing rod for Qualifiers is 13 feet / 4.00 metres.

Penalty = Yellow Card & 1 penalty point
Note: FIPSed SFWC maximum length is 10 feet / 3.00 metres,
[We are allowing longer rods because of the larger, windier waters and increased range we may be fishing at, on US Urban Waterways]

4. All standard Predator artificial bait rigs & methods allowed, except fly fishing.

Artificial baits only, metal and plastic or combinations allowed (no fly patterns or poppers with feathers, no live or natural baits allowed).
[Example, Mepps spinnerbaits are allowed, so long as they don’t have a feathered tail treble hook. No Chumming, Groundbaiting, or Loose Feeding of any baits or attractants allowed (attractants dipped or sprayed on baits are allowed].
Penalty = Yellow Card & 1 penalty point.

5. Total length of all fish caught determines winners.

Most inches (US measuring devices) / centimeters (SFWC) = Winner for that event, 1 penalty point, 2nd gets 2 penalty points, etc. In the case of multiple competitions at an event, Winner of each competition gets 1 penalty point, 2nd gets 2, etc. At the end of multiple time period competition events, winner has the lowest aggregate penalty points score. The fish is measured laying flat on a wetted mat, no pinching the tail or pulling the fish to get an extra inch! Yellow Card +1 point for any measuring infringement).

6. Unless otherwise confirmed before the event, all fish inches / centimeters count towards each anglers total score.

20 inches of Carp counts the same as 5 Perch of 4 inches each. So long as all fish are legally hooked (jig, hook, or lure within 1 inch of fishes lips), they will count. In Street Fishing, All Fish are Game Fish!

7. Anglers have to give 20 yards distance between other Anglers, and exercise fair play around venue features.

For example, casting no further than 9 yards to either side, first Angler nearest a bridge should position themselves 9 yards maximum away from bridge structure, to allow other Anglers to fish to position themselves 20 yards away.
Penalty for encroaching or unsportsmanlike behavior = Yellow Card, 1 penalty point.

8. We want as few rules as possible, as the SFWC has more than enough rules.

If an Angler commits the same offense twice or two different offenses = Red Card, 2 penalty points and they withdraw from that particular competition.
{The aim is to teach Anglers to fish to a basic set of rules optimized for (a) fish safety, (b) fair & friendly competition, and (c) to prepare for representing the US at a Street Fishing World Championships].

9. In the event of any dispute or disagreement between Angler & Official (e.g., USSF Steward, DNR Warden, etc.) the decision of the USSF Program Director shall be final and binding on all parties.

[The USSF Program Director shall use judgement and understanding of all DNR Rules, City Ordinances, USSF Rules, and FIPSED SFWC Rules, to make a decision].