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2024 Bass World Championships to be Held in Italy

While this year’s World Championship played out on a lake that’s still in its infancy, the 2024 version will be conducted on one that’s been around for centuries. Lake Bolsena, located in the central region of Italy, is that country’s largest volcanic lake and is surrounded by historic sites from all periods dating back to the height of the Roman Empire. 

Largemouth were introduced to Bolsena in the 1970s and they’ve been thriving ever since.

“The amount of water in this lake, its morphology and the rich presence of food have meant that our ‘green devils’ have become truly large and are able to unleash a fighting power that is truly out of the ordinary,” said Jimmy Ashlock, the president of MLF Italy since its inception in 2017 and the son of one of Italy’s competitive bass fishing pioneers. “Being very deep, this lake has real clean water and it’s rich in grass beds and depth changes. The most beautiful seasons for Bolsena are certainly the end of spring (conclusion of the spawn) and fall, when the larger fish become more active.”

Ashlock teamed with Luca Vittorio Della Ciana to capture the pairs gold medal in Portugal. Ashlock and Della Ciana primarily fished flatter points in Portugal, targeting bass that were chasing baitfish. The majority of their bites came on spinnerbaits and dropshot rigs.

“We didn’t get a lot of bites, but we stuck with our pattern,” Ashlock said. “We were convinced that it was the best way to catch the bigger fish. The bite was so slow that I can say it became a mental game.”

Ironically, he almost sat out the event. His father, a native of Virginia who spent his career as a member of the U.S. Air Force stationed at Aviano AFB, died just a couple of weeks prior to the World Championship.

“This medal has a very high value for me – I would say a double value – certainly for the sport but above all for my father,” he said. “I was in doubt for this Championship because I didn’t have the right mood, but I just had the feeling that my father wanted me to be there and I want to think that I had an angel who supported me in this victory.

“This medal is for him. He was super-passionate about this sport and a great teacher in the sport and in life.”

The bass fishing world is looking even further on the horizon towards the 2026 bass fishing world championship to be held on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This iconic venue has hosted top level bass events for years under the guidance of Visit Hot Springs CEO Steve Arrison and his team.  International anglers will show up in record numbers for the event. USA Bass fans will enjoy the plans for an indoor stadium weigh-in and trade show.