Our mission is to help American Anglers qualify for Team USA, and thereby fish against the best Match/Course Anglers in the World, at the annual FIPSed World Matchfishing Championship. Matchfishing is a hugely popular International sport. It is a very technical and demanding sport that appeals to the most competitive of anglers. The FIPSed World Match Fishing Championship has taken place every year since 1954.

Matchfishing is a motionless fishing method, practiced on-the-spot on an area of water where ground bait has been previously thrown to attract fish. This method is practiced with different fishing techniques and sub-techniques: "Roubaisienne", "Frenglish", "Bolognese", "English". These techniques, coming from England, Italy or France, differ on the base of the tools used. This fishing discipline is practiced on a position assigned by drawing lots.

Anyone who is a US citizen and possesses a valid fishing license can participate in the open trials to qualify for the US Match Fishing Team. The top 6 anglers from the year's team trial process will become a member of Team USA and compete in the World Championships.

Attila Agh
USF3 Match Program Director
Email: attila.agh@usf3.org

Open Trial events will be announced soon.


Can-Am Matchfishing Championship
May 5th & 6th, 2012 - Little River, Windsor, ON

US Open Matchfishing Championship
June 9th & 10th, 2012 - White River, Indianapolis, IN

Places to Fish