Our mission is to help American Anglers qualify for Team USA, and thereby fish against the best Feeder Anglers in the World, at the annual FIPSed World Feeder Fishing Championship. Feeder Fishing is a sophisticated, modern bank fishing technique. It is by far the most effective ledgering/bottom fishing method for targeting a wide variety of fish species.

The USF3 Feeder program is dedicated to educating US anglers about this exciting new sport. The US is blessed with a huge variety of fishing venues (Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Canals, etc.) where Feeder fishing techniques can be used with great success. With its simplicity and effectiveness, Feeder fishing has tremendous potential to become more integrated with traditional US fishing tactics.

Feeder fishing is a fairly new discipline in world championship sport fishing, however it is very popular and growing at a rapid pace. The first World Feeder Fishing Championship was held in 2010 at the Sport Fishing World Championships in Italy.

Attila Agh
USF3 Feeder Program Director
Email: attila.agh@usf3.org

Open Trial events will be announced soon.

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