Our mission is to help American Anglers qualify for Team USA, and thereby fish against the best Carp Anglers in the World, at the annual FIPSed World Carp Championship. The World Carp Championship is fished for national pride, medals and trophies only (just like the Olympics), and there is no prize money involved.

Carp are the World’s most popular Sport Fish, as they grow big, fight hard, and can be very difficult to catch. These web pages are your resource, to help you learn more about the World Carp Championship, and discover how maybe you can one day represent the USA in the FIPSed World Carp Championship, one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the World.

The FIPSed World Carp Championship takes place every year, at the end of September; a different host country is chosen for each year. For 2012, the World Championship is in Romania, with Portugal chosen as the host country for 2013.

The Team USA Carp World Championship Squad comprises 8 anglers (6 anglers will fish as 3 pairs, each pair fishing one of 3 randomly drawn locations, with 2 reserves in case of illness or injury). The anglers and reserves will be supported by 3 officials; Captain, Vice Captain, and Assistant Coach or FIPSed Delegate.

The 8 anglers will be chosen from a series of qualifying tournaments, held up to 18 months before each World Championship event. 2 or more qualifying tournaments will be organized, in appropriate regions of the US (e.g. Mid-West, North-East, South-West, etc.), to allow as many anglers as possible to attend a local qualifier.

Lee Young
USF3 Carp Program Director
Tel: 920-246-3434
Email: lee.young@usf3.org

Mid-West: May 5-6: Team USA 2012/13 Carp Squad Qualifier – Oconto WI. Entry Fee $50.00 per 2-Person Team, 100% of entry fees will go towards sending the Team USA Carp Squad to the World Carp Championships. Catch & Release Big 10 Carp over the 2 days of competition, for rules and entry notification, please contact the USF3 Carp Program Director.

Mid-West: June 2-3: The 2012 Wisconsin Carp Championship. For this, the first year, US Citizen (US Passport Holder) Anglers will be able to fish this event as a Team USA Carp Squad Qualifier, for either the 2012 (Romania) or 2013 (Portugal) World Carp Championship. Anglers will be able to sign up as 2-Person Teams, for an additional donation of $50.00. Their individual 2012 WI CC Results will be joined, with the highest placed Team qualifying for the 2012/13 Team USA Carp Squad. For more details, rules and entry form for the 2012 WI CC, please contact the USF3 Carp Program Director.

Other Regions: More news coming soon on North-East and South-West Regional Team USA Carp Squad Qualifiers. Check back regularly, watch out for the Headlines on this Site, or contact the USF3 Carp Program Director.

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