If there is a truly an American fishing sport, it is Bass fishing! The rest of the world is falling in love with this exciting sport as well. The Bass World Championships differs from the major U.S. tours in one significant facet. This is a true team event, with 2 person teams competing for the Gold. The USF3 is responsible for sending 4 two person teams to compete in the annual championships. The three day event allows each nation to send out 3 teams each day. The 4th team can then substitute in on either the 2nd or 3rd day. Our mission is to help American bass anglers qualify for Team USA, and thereby compete against the best bass anglers in the world, in locations ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Our bass program leadership team and coaches are in the process of establishing an appropriate qualification system. This system will include regional and national qualification tournaments. In the near future we will be hosting the event here in the U.S. It will be an exciting opportunity to showcase our amazing American bass anglers, and our incredible bass fishing venues.

Tony Forte
USF3 Bass Program Director
Tel: 574-202-4877
Email: tony.forte@usf3.org

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