About the USF3 Organization

The USF3's mission is to advance sport fishing in the United States. This mission will be achieved through successful engagement in the following areas:

  • Competition: Develop teams to compete in amateur world championship sport fishing events, and host both world championship and national sport fishing events.
  • Conservation: Promote environmental stewardship, catch & release angling, and responsible harvest initiatives.
  • Community: Enrich local communities both economically and socially by developing fishing programs on city, county, state and national levels.

The United States Freshwater Fishing Federation (USF3) is a non-profit organization that seeks to identify and groom competitive anglers to participate, as Amateurs, in World Championship Sport Fishing events. Our overarching goal is to popularize Sport Fishing to the point that it will be adopted as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee. Achieving this ambitious goal will require effective partnerships with fishing organizations, conservation groups, and community leaders worldwide.

The United States Freshwater Fishing Federation is granted authority to host and participate in World Championship Sport Fishing events through a network that includes many International partnerships.

USF3 → member of FIPSed → member of CIPS → member of SportAccord → recognized by the International Olympic Committee

SportAccord is the umbrella organization for both Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Their organizational chart helps explain who they are.

CIPS (Confederation Internationale de La Peche Sportive) is the International Sport Fishing Confederation. CIPS has 4 divisions: FIPSed (Freshwater), FIPS-Mouche (Fly Fishing), FIPS-Mer (Saltwater), and the ISCF, the International Sport Casting Federation.

The United States Freshwater Fishing Federation (USF3) is the United States' delegate to the FIPsed (Freshwater) division within CIPS.

The USF3 is responsible for creating, developing, and sending teams to participate in World Championship events in the following 14 FIPSed Disciplines:

  • Carp
  • Black Bass
  • Ice
  • Nation Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Club Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Women Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Disabled Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Seniors (age 60 and over) Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Juniors (Under 14) Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Juniors (Under 18) Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Juniors (Under 22) Coarse/Match (All species Bank/Shore fishing)
  • Predator from Boat (Artificial Baits only)
  • Predator from Shore (Artificial Baits only)
  • Trout (Natural Baits only)

The above disciplines have an individual world championship event each year at a selected international venue. Every four years, these disciplines (with the exception of Ice) combine to form the "Sport Fishing World Championships", a week long event which highlights all of the CIPS sport fishing tournaments in one huge event. Check out the 2011 edition, held recently in Italy.

United Charitable Programs (UCP), a 501c3 management organization, is the charitable and fiscal host of the USF3.

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